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We Are Here For You

With recent events that have been occurring globally and within our own community, the Mohawk Alumni recognizes that this is a stressful and difficult time for many people. The Mohawk Alumni was created with the intention of helping and providing support to people in our community. Below are links to various websites that support many different issues that people may be experiencing.




Here 24/7: Provides addiction, mental health and crisis services located in the Waterloo-Wellington area or call 1 844 437 3247


#GetInTouchForHutch: Provides training, education, tools and resources to young people relating to suicide awareness as wells as assisting young people in building skills and abilities to improve their emotional health and well-being


211 Ontario: Provides helplines, information and referrals to the Ontario Community including abuse, healthcare, mental health, LGBTQ+, income support, and many other issues and concerns


Mental Health Support Canada: Provides Crisis Hotline, Kids Help Phone, as well as Hope For Wellness hotline


Wellness Together Canada: Provides free online resources, tools and connections to trained volunteers and mental health professionals for mental health and substance use support


ConnexOntario: Provides hotline for addiction, mental health, and problem gambling treatment services


Canada Suicide Prevention Service: Provides hotline and support for distress and suicide prevention, available 24/7, 365 days a year


Assaulted Women’s Helpline Ontario: Provides a helpline and support for women who have experienced abuse


Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario: Provides information and a helpline for seniors who have experienced abuse




Serious issues can often occur without anyone realizing or knowing about them. You, or someone you know may really need access to one of these links. Make sure to check in on your friends and loved ones, and try to lend an ear when you can. A listening ear can make an immeasurable difference for someone who feels isolated and alone.


Let’s do our best to stay safe and stay healthy during these difficult times.

-Mohawks Alumni

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